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Hi There

I'm Cheynie and my birthday is on the 25th March. I will also be turning 25! and to mark this weird but fabulous time in my life, my better half booked me in for a Skydive! it's actually taken me a whole year to grow some big hairy balls to get it booked in (Luke got it for my birthday last year) so really it was for my 24th, but who cares … :D Anyway, this jump will be taking place on the 27th March, and I’ll be falling from 7,000ft (weather permitting that is!) But don’t worry if the weather on the day isn’t right, I’ll book it again for nearest available date!!

Right now, I feel very confident that I will follow through with this, however I know on the day my nerves may get the better of me. So, to keep me encouraged and to ensure I do not bail out, I have decided to raise some money and awareness for a lovely charity!

I’ll be raising money for a charity called the First love Foundation, this charity helps thousands of people in one of the UK’s most deprived boroughs get their lives back on track. They work to tackle hidden hunger in Tower Hamlets, by providing emergency food support to people facing crisis.

The reason I have chosen this charity is because in the light of the recent Corona Virus outbreak I have been made more aware of how many vulnerable people there are and how they rely on these charities. People come her weekly to get their daily essentials, which most of us take for granted – Toilet tissue being one of them!! Due to this out outbreak people are now less likely to donate food or daily essentials to these charities, meaning the people who don’t have the privilege to to “panic buy” will go hungry.

A lot of us are oblivious to this because we are either so absorbed into our phones or lives, we simply ignore what is going on around us. We ignore the homeless person sitting on the floor, in the dirt and cold, pleading for a moment of our attention. We ignore there are families on such a low income they can barely afford to put food on their plates. We ignore that one of the biggest reason’s people commit suicide is because they’re in debt and can’t afford to support their self’s, let alone their families! This is just a couple of things that literally happen right under our noses and frankly we are so ignorant to it! (myself included)

So, my mission now is to throw myself out of a plane to raise some awareness and money for all the above and the First love Foundation.

Now I’m asking you all personally if you can you please all take the time to donate anything you can, whether that be 50p or a tenner – every penny count’s!

Thank you all so much!

Pictures will follow too :D


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